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The PS4 Is Far From Dead

I’ve seen a lot of talk lately about what the disappearance from E3 means for PS4, and there’s been quite a bit of discussion regarding whether this means the end is on the horizon Sony. Yes, you may be a bit upset about the lack of content that we can expect, but let’s not get too dramatic over it. Sony is far, far from over, in terms of the gaming community at least, and it’s still got a lot of cards up its sleeve as far as I can see.


Let’s think about it logically – there’s no way such a big company would opt out of such a big event unless they were in a stable enough place to do so. Looking at the line-up of recent releases for the consoles, and looking into the future where we can expect games like The Last Of Us 2 to make a notable appearance, the ball’s in Sony’s court. We have had some expected delays – for example, we all know that Days Gone has been postponed – but that’s to be understood due to the amount of promotion that the company is doing for its existing PS4 exclusives. Take a look at Spiderman, God Of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn. All are outstanding games and all have gone through the wringer by players all over the globe and yet have still come out better for it. The amount of effort that it takes to promote these titles and sustain their success is huge, so there’s no wonder why Sony is putting lesser-anticipated games on the backburner. Doesn’t mean they’re not going to kick ass, but it just means we have to wait longer to experience the games in all their glory, which is also managing to build the anticipation and demand for them. All in all, it’s a good guess to assume that Sony is in a good enough place to back away from the conference. They obviously have their footing pretty damn-well secured in what they’re doing at the moment.


The argument between whether PS4 is better than the Xbox One has been going on for years and, by now, we’re all tired of it, does it really matter? We still have beef with the competitor of our choosing, I’ll admit, but the argument gets exhausting as both consoles have their own advantages that can rank over the other. That being said, statistically, the PS4 has completely wiped the floor with Microsoft and their little Xbox One console in terms of sales, releases, and exclusive titles. That’s not to say that Microsoft doesn’t have anything going for it – there’s no doubt that it does – but we need to look at the figures to draw a conclusion about whether the PS4 is over or whether it just knows it’s own success perhaps a bit too well.


Speaking as a PlayStation fan, while also living with Xbox One console users, I’ve seen a lot of mixed reactions regarding the news that there will be no Sony at E3. Some people don’t think it’s much of a big deal, but, from what I’ve personally seen so far, there’s been a lot of outrage against the conglomerate for not sticking to their regular appearance. I think this says enough about the fact that PlayStation is definitely still growing their audience and sustaining it – which is only to be expected with new titles being released and new play formats being introduced. PUGB is finally coming to PlayStation, which yet again ignites excitement in players who have a knack for battle royale style games. The PlayStation community, and inherently the Sony community, have already grown so, so much that we will quite literally fall to the feet of this corporation if they ask us to do so.


PlayStation has a lot going for it at the moment, and the PS4 is still very much a beloved console all over the globe. Just look at the PlayStation Classic line-up that’s been announced. That’s also going to bring back a whole new influx of gamers and return them to their roots, which is only going to promote the company and the console even further. Sony not appearing at E3 only draws in more publicity for them and creates a buzz that they have the chance to use to their advantage. Generally speaking, PlayStation is still doing damn well.


We may be wanting news about the latest and, we’ll assume, the greatest new console that Sony is working on, but the fact is that nothing has been announced and we can’t just expect it to be. We have to sit tight and see what happens because who knows what Sony has next? Will it be the PS5? Or are they focusing on creating a controller that’s compatible with Nintendo Switch like the rumors say? Only Sony, and whoever is on the inside, know what’s coming next. Whether you stay faithful to the company or not is your own call depending on your own decision, but let’s not assume that the PS4 is over because it won’t be attending a conference that it may not even need.


I know there are going to be so many huge announcements at E3 which Sony is going to somehow try and live up to, and I’m not sure how it’s going to achieve that either. There’s going to be a lot of news revolving around Nintendo and Microsoft, and Sony is going to have to hope that they have something up their sleeve to remain relevant enough. Whether that be announcing something independently or riding off the back of their upcoming exclusives, they have to have some kind of plan in the works.


So, is the PS4 nearing the end of its life? It might be, if you’re talking about a new console being released in the future, but as of right now? No. The PS4 is still incredibly relevant and Sony is still making a hell of a lot off of it’s success, which is further continued by the exclusive titles and the membership features that it offers.


Despite the panic that the console won’t be included in the E3 line-up, we need to keep our perspective in check. Sony’s not going anywhere for a long time, and I, for one, am excited about what they’re planning. What are your thoughts? Is the PS4 over, or do people need to take a step back and calm down?

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